Andi Dorfman, who famously bounced by choice on this season of 'The Bachelor' (the show's 18th!) due to her lack of connection with Juan Pablo Galavis, is baaaaack. She has been confirmed as the new 'Bachelorette.'

Dorfman, 26 and a lawyer from Atlanta, isn't sour about her search for love even if things didn't work out with Juan Pablo. She's getting right back up on the horse.

She elected to leave the show voluntarily on Episode 9 after the 'Overnight Date' in St. Lucia with Juan Pablo. Dorfman chided Juan Pablo for being selfish and only interested in talking about one subject -- himself!

She was also miffed that he never asked any questions about her. Dorfman was livid at JP for saying it was "ok" when she broke up with him. She saw his response as emotionless and nonchalant.

The contestant couldn't wait to get out of the Fantasy Suite and off the show! While Juan Pablo thought things went well, she didn't agree.

That said, she has moved on and will look for love on this season's 'The Bachelorette.' Hopefully, there won't be as much drama.

Season 10 will begin airing in May.

Below is Dorfman's tweet announcing her excitement about her upcoming season.

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