The winter sports season will officially come to an end over the weekend although for most teams and athletes it is already over.  Call me sentimental but when a season ends I always turn my thoughts to those seniors whose athletic careers have come to a close.  Sure some will go on to play at the college level but for many the last time they walk off a court, track, mat or ice is the last time they will wear a uniform to represent a school.

It is a bittersweet time and the faces of the athletes tell the story.  It’s very emotional for some of the seniors and tears often flow especially when you lose your last game, match or race.  Not only has it marked the close of a four-year high school career but thoughts might turn to all the games and practices you took part in from the time you were a young child.  Those early mornings when you got on a bus or had your parents drive you to your school or another location.  All those nights when you missed dinner or came home from a game and had homework to do.  If you’re a senior and not going to play in college that has all ended.

Of course many of those who participate in winter sports will only have a short break before turning their attention to baseball, softball, lacrosse, track, golf, tennis and volleyball.  Actually the break is a bit longer this year as the NJSIAA wanted athletes to have more time to recover from one sport before getting into the next.

Most of the spring sports don’t even begin team practices until March 16th so even those still competing this weekend will have about 10 days off from athletics.

Of course for some the break will last for the rest of their lives.

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