As thousands of Ocean County residents headed to the polls to cast their votes today, our area has gone about Election Day in a pretty orderly fashion. However, one minor controversy has erupted across social media as the morning and afternoon wore on.

An inspirational scene unfolded in Upstate New York, where crowds of voters flocked to the grave of women's suffrage icon Susan B. Anthony to apply their "I Voted" stickers to her headstone. Many see it as a nod to how far we've come from the beginning of her struggle to today.

But a lot of people in New Jersey wondered one thing:

Where are our stickers?

I'll be honest, it didn't really cross my mind when I voted this morning.

But a lot of people did notice, like these local Twitter users:

So I did the only logical thing - I called the Ocean County Board of Elections.

According to the very nice worker I spoke to (whose patience I appreciate. Admittedly, I could have chosen a better time to ask than at 5pm on Election Day), the iconic stickers are not provided by the Election Board.

The official told me that individual poll workers, "may pick up a roll on their way in, but we don't supply them".

Through speaking with co-workers, it would seem that Atlantic County, Monmouth County, and Burlington County have also seen a suspicious lack of stickers today.

Did you get a sticker when you voted today? Let us know where!


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