I want to tell you something great I've discovered in the course of dealing with this horrible Lyme Disease.  It's an app that helps me keep track of all the medication and supplements I have to take every day.  When the doctor told me I'd need to take multiple pills, capsules, and drops several times a day, I wondered how I'd keep it all straight.  I remember when I was caring for my father, I logged his doses in a notebook that my sister had prepared.  Thankfully nowadays there's an app for everything and I'm glad I found one to make the notebook unnecessary.

The Round app was free to put on my phone.  It required my entering the name of each drug and the times each day that I need to take it.  Once all the info got loaded, the app started to alert me when it was time to take something.   Once I take it, I tap the circle next to the drug name.  It's like a box that I check off.  Then the app is quiet again until the next scheduled dose.

When I've been busy or away from my phone, the app posts a message asking "Did you take your medicine yet?"  It's a gentle reminder that has helped numerous times in the month that I've been using it.  Now that my doctor has just extended my course of treatment, I'll be relying on the Round app for another 30 days.  I honestly think I'd be lost without it.

If you have lots of medicines to take, I suggest you search "medication reminder" in the App Store or Google Play.  You'll probably find one that fits your needs.   If you already have your pharmacy's app on your device, that may offer a similar alert system.   I just noticed the CVS app has Medication Reminder tool.  I haven't used it yet but it looks easy to set up.

What do you use to help you keep track of medication doses?

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