Thanks to a recent Facebook post I was reminded about an issue that has become very controversial here at the Jersey Shore during this coronavirus pandemic.

Some residents of beachfront communities are not exactly welcoming visitors with open arms and that extends to those who own second or summer homes in those same communities.  By the way they are taxpayers and are entitled to the same benefits as those who live there all year long.

What I have read and heard is that some full-time residents have even taken to calling police to complain when they see a car park on the street that has out-of-state license plates OR even if those in the car have come over to take a walk by the ocean.  I say by the ocean because beaches and boardwalks are closed.

The “all year rounders” take exception to these strangers, some of whom might be coming from only 5 miles away but it doesn’t matter. They don’t live in their town and they are not really welcome.

You might recall that at the outset of the pandemic our governor issued a directive that part-time residents of the Jersey Shore should stay away because the local healthcare infrastructure in the off-season is not set up to handle a surge in sick patients.  Certainly there is validity in that and I won’t argue the point.

However how can you tell someone who owns a second home that they pay taxes on that they can’t bring their family there to escape the congestion of other parts of the tri-state region?   The assumption by some is that everyone from North Jersey who was coming down to the shore had COVID-19 which is absurd.

I know of several accounts whereby those with summer homes have been encouraged by their neighbors to stay away and in some cases the message has been delivered almost in a threatening manner.  Don’t come here. You are not welcome!

The Facebook post I read Monday from my friend Roger also brought up something I have not thought about but is 100% valid.  Since those who live in certain beachfront towns don’t want anyone heading in their direction then it should work the same way.  Of course that means you’ll likely have to do all your food shopping at a convenience store but if you’re okay with that then that’s fine.

Quoting the late Rodney King.  “People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along.”


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