A Brick Township resident, who continues to overcome the obstacles of living with a disability, is the author of a new book.  She self-published the book, with the hope of encouraging others dealing with physical and mental challenges.

Jennifer with Lightening (Photo Credit to Jennifer Belilis)

In the book "Here I Am", Jennifer Beilis tells her own personal journey of dealing with hearing loss as a young child and vertigo as an adult, while also coping with devastating personal losses.

"In order to be able to help other people, you really have to stand in your own truth", Beilis said. "You can't just say, "Oh okay, so and so do this." "It doesn't count until you really learn what it means for yourself."

Beilis said she shares her anecdotes, coping mechanisms and even recipes that helped her get off the mat and overcome many personal obstacles.

"Just to teach people not to give up no matter what your challenges," Beilis sad. "That you can do it and sometimes when you have a moment, you know, talk to your friends, to write, to journalize to go for a walk because we've all been there."

Beilis earned two master's degrees, taught college students and advocates for people with disabilities. Her book will be released for sale on line on Monday, April 21 at www.xlibris.com. You can also contact her at heariam_jennifer@aol.com.

Jennifer will be selling and signing copies of her book on June 13, 2014 at Ocean County Park in Lakewood from 6 - 8 during their Yappy Hour. She said there will also be other book-signing events.