I'm not saying that scammers are normally honorable people, but the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is giving them opportunities to sink to a new low and prey on everyday people who are just trying to feed their families.

It gives the everyday phishing scams a whole new level of evil.

I got an email earlier this week that purported to be from Shipt, one of the services that's allowing people to grocery shop from home.

Here's the email that I got:

Shipt phishing email
Shipt phishing email

It looks legit enough, using Shipt's logo and, unusual for a phishing email, pretty good grammar too.

The reason that I knew immediately that it was a scam was the simple fact that I have never in my life actually used Shipt.

The problem is that, especially now, a lot of people are using services like this and when they get an email that looks like it's legitimately from an online shopping service like Shipt or Instacart, they may fall right into the trap.

Did you notice the line saying that my credit card has been charged $624?

If you were waiting on an order and you got this email, you'd probably be pretty alarmed and you'd probably want to find out what's going on.

And that's exactly what the scammers are counting on. If you click the VIEW ORDER link, enter the email and password that you've used on the legitimate site, boom, you've been phished.

In this moment in history when we're literally trying to survive and keep our families healthy and safe, it's a particularly heartless scam.

As always, if you get an email that you're not expecting, if something doesn't look right and it raises your suspicion - delete it! Go to the company's official website in your web browser and get assistance that way, then click here to report the fraudulent email to the FTC.


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