"Taste of Home" comes to Ocean County this Thursday, November 7th.

What is "Taste of Home" you're wondering..well it's all about cooking, cooking and more cooking.  "Taste of Home" is the number one cooking, food and entertaining magazine in the world.  It's your chance to win great prizes, coupons and meet Chef Eric Villegas.  It's a fun filled night and it's something I am so jealous of when I meet a Chef.  Because I can't cook.  I never could.  But I am learning.  I remember cooking with my Mom and her trying to teach me.  It amazes me when I go to a friend's house and they have this huge spread out for us.  I'm not even lying to you when I make chicken for example, except for when I boil it, I burn the chicken and it's so dry.  I'm trying especially because I my daughter loves to cook with me.  A little bit about what we eat for dinner...pasta, egg noodles..I know that's easy, but I do noodles so well.  Also, I make great eggs--scrambled.  See, I need HELP!

Look-- I think you're either born with a cooking gene or your not.  And I just wasn't.  My brother is such a great cook, what happened to me?  I have been learning and reading a lot more recipe books then I ever have.

Are you a great cook?  What's a great E A S Y recipe for me to try?

For more information on this fun event click on the link:

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