Many of us at one time or another have used the term “bucket list” to describe a place we want to visit, event we would like to attend, goal we would like to achieve, dream we would like to come true.  The term became popular following a movie starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.  For those of us a bit older a “bucket list” is more likely those life experiences we wish to experience before we die.

A few years ago I did segment on my sports bucket list and I’m sad to say I have not crossed any of those off my list.  So I started to think about ones that did not include sports and some of these came to mind.  I have to be realistic as my spine/foot issues limit my choices but this is what I’ve come up with in no specific order.

  1. Win a lottery jackpot. Let’s be honest you need something to fund your dreams.
  2. Go west old man. I would like to take a road trip through the western part of the U.S. with no time pressure.
  3. Get a speaking role in a TV show or movie. Just one line would be fine.
  4. Fly first class to a foreign country. If you have to cross an ocean you might as well do it in style.  “Another glass of champagne please.”
  5. Have dinner with Julia Roberts. I have nothing to add to this.
  6. Host a mega-party. Invite your entire family and all your friends for a super summer event.  Endless selection of food and drinks and a live band.
  7. Create a random act of kindness that goes viral. It can be helping strangers in need to paying for the meals of active military members. Anything that catches on and makes a difference.
  8. Working in a different career. After almost 44 years here I wonder what life is like doing something else.
  9. Go on a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives tour with Guy Fieri. Probably not the best for your health but oh the food you would get to eat.
  10. Take my family on the vacation of a lifetime without telling them the destination. I would give then a heads-up on what clothes to bring but that would be it.

 Yes these pretty much seem unrealistic but I guess that’s the challenge of trying to cross at least a couple off your list.

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