I remember when I did this for Abby and she absolutely was so happy. In fact, I might do it for her this year. Even if she is a teenager, she needs a little magic, too.😊

Checking his special list.
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Naughty lists? Nice lists? No child wants to see their name on the naughty list. Here are several Personalized Santa Letter websites that I used and friends have used in the past. One donates to Toys for Tots for the season. I thought I'd put together a helpful list. From what I can remember the letters are so cute with the signature of the "jolly" man himself, Santa. There was nothing like seeing Abby's eyes get real bright and her smile so big. And she still talks about it to this day.

Here are a couple websites that might help and you can choose the best one for you:

santaletter.org - This is the one I always used and this year 10% of personalized letters from Santa goes to Toys for Tots. Your child's name can be on the nice list or the naughty list. *Different prices for different packages.

lettersfromsantashop.com - Customize your letter from Santa. In the Santa letter they'll even put the town you'll be in on Christmas Eve, if you're at Grandma's for the night or Aunt Jane's and Uncle Bob's. I love the envelopes these letters come in, they're so decorative. *Different prices for different packages.

santasentmealetter - This company has a custom postmark from the North Pole. One of my friends used this website for her children. It was a beautiful letter for each child. Santa's wax seal is a "huge" hit. *Packages start at $9.95.

sealedbysanta.com - A Portable North Pole video is included with every letter. Customize your letter and so much more and wait for the smile from your child.

Hope these help to make your Christmas magical and especially for the little ones in your life.

Sue Moll
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