A warm, windy, humid, sticky afternoon begins, with a big bump in the weather road before a sunnier, drier Tuesday arrives - severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Townsquare Meteorologist Dan Zarrow singles out Monmouth County for a flash flood advisory, cautioning of one to two inches of downpour accumulation overall, and as many as four inches locally.


Regardless of weather conditions, Ocean County has ways to keep visitors entertained and enlightened, indoors or outdoors, county Freeholder Director Joe Vicari said on Townsquare's "Topic A with Jeremy Grunin and Bob Levy."

He also emphasized Ocean County's small-business foundation, and its impact on New Jersey's economy during the busy summer months. "Ninety-eight percent of our businesses are small businesses," he told Levy. "They start out, they hire people eventually. That's the American way of doing things."

The family of a Newark 11-year-old grieves while investigations continue into her sudden electrocution while playing in a Toms River lagoon. Police suspect that the metal boat-lift rail that Kayla Matos touched had current running through it.

New Jersey's consistent annual double-digit figures for cop suicides draws increasing concern among leaders of police unions, rank-and-file benevolent associations, and superior officer associations. Cherie Castellano, Director of New Jersey's Cop2Cop help line, says that more than 50,000 calls have been logged since the year 2000. They recognize that differences between training and reality impacts some officers deeply. They just don't know how many have not yet verbalized their inner turmoil.

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