Tree pollen driving your sinuses, eyes and air passages nuts? Haul out the antihistamines for a couple of more days.'s allergy tracker classifies the pollen count as very high through Friday. Rain in the Friday forecast offers some weekend relief.

For drivers between Toms River and Seaside, this Saturday is the best day of Spring. Full traffic flow resumes on the Tunney and Mathis Bridges over Barnegat Bay, as Mathis repairs wrap up until after Labor Day. The overhaul of the drawbridge is due for completion in Summer 2018. Crews begin clearing barriers Thursday.


The trail of stolen pickup truck tailgates in Jackson leads to three suspects. Two men from the township and another from Manchester were charged this week with five counts each of receiving stolen property.

Interviews are under way to replace FBI Director James Comey, fired suddenly Tuesday. The White House denies any connection to the ongoing probe of suspected Russian meddling in the November Presidential election. Governor Christie has reportedly surfaced on several lists of potential candidates.

There's no textbook for parenting, but most parents have a fairly good idea of what not to do. Most, but not all. Brick Township martial-arts instructor Paul Prendergast compiled some of the howlingly worst examples of parents behaving badly - right in his own school - and published them in a compilation, Stop Painful Parenting - Tales From Our Side Of The Mat. Each example is paired with professional clinical analysis that explores the roots of strange and sometimes harmful behavior in parents and kids.

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