The amount of positive Covid-19 coronavirus cases in Ocean County totals 5,984 in the latest tally by the Ocean County Health Department including 127 new cases with 336 deaths. Lakewood has 1,640 cases and 67 deaths, Toms River has 1043 cases/50 deaths and Brick has 780 cases/62 deaths. In Monmouth County, the health department reports 5,798 cases. Freehold Township has the most cases with 527, Howell has 478 and Middletown has 411.

Here is the demographic of the 5,984 cases and deaths in Ocean County....ages 0-18: 132/0, ages 19-44: 1,999/8, ages 45-64: 1,917/46, age 65 and up: 1,615/257, not reported: 321/25. Gender: 2,719 women have the coronavirus, 3,192 men have the coronavirus, 73 not reported.

There are 476 long-term care facilities across the state with at least one Covid-19 case, for a total of 16,277 cases. In total, there are 1,911 confirmed Covid-19 deaths associated with long-term care facilities and 1,062 suspected cases.

As residents continue to conduct deep cleanings to ensure the germs, viruses and any other allergens are not in the air they're breathing in, it's important to not breathe or ingest those chemicals. Monmouth County Public Health Coordinator Chris Merkel says there's been an uptick in calls to poison control centers.

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