Who knew? I had no clue that you could get a Covid-19 test right through the drive-thru window at Rite Aid. I swabbed my nose by myself. I'm not sure if other pharmacies do it.

I got tested for the coronavirus this weekend. I do not have Covid-19 - before my family, friends, and co-workers start thinking I do. I found out from a friend that did a Covid-19 test just the other week at a Rite Aid drive-thru because he was going to a party and the hosts of the party wanted their guests to get tested before they came. I had no idea you could even do this. This is very helpful if you need a test weekly for your work or if you are feeling sick, this might be the best test for you.

So, I scheduled an appointment this weekend to show you how simple it really is. It really is simple, and it's free. The first thing I did was checked out Rite Aid's website by clicking here. The website is very straightforward and it starts out by asking your location. We have several Rite Aid's in Toms River that does the drive-thru pharmacy window testing.

You pick your location, answer several questions like were you close to anyone that has Covid-19, or do you work in healthcare? The questions take only a couple of minutes. I wasn't asked any information about my insurance. And remember it's free. At the end of the questionnaire you will set up a day and time that works best for you and head to the drive-thru pharmacy window. The website says it should take 2-5 days for results and the results will be emailed to me.

And, it felt very weird but the swabbing didn't hurt, it just felt weird.

CLICK HERE for more information on drive-thru window testing.

8 Simple Steps for Drive-Thru Covid-19 Testing

Sue Moll
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