The bar of soap is just not as important as it used to be because of the liquid pump soaps that we use at every sink at work and home. My personal favorite is the foaming liquid soap. But, there is nothing better than the smell of a bar of soap. Dove, being my favorite bar of soap. So, if you have bars of soap around the house that you just don't use anymore, here are 5 things you can do with that bar, according to

FRAGRENCE - I put a bar of soap in each of my clothing drawers and I put a bar of soap in the closet. And, because I have dogs and when we have pets, sometimes the house stinks like dogs - I put a couple under the furniture. It smells really good, you'll be surprised.

IN THE GARDEN - If you're having pesky little animals eating your flowers, damaging your garden, or just damaging your garden, a bar of soap can be added to your garden as in inexpensive repellent. Just a bar of soap can be added. Animals find the smell of soap.

Un-Fog Your Glasses - Especially now with our masks, maybe this will help with your glasses misting up. Try rubbing some dry soap against the inside of the glasses. Buff the soap with a soft cloth and you'll be fog free. Also, in the bathroom when the hot shower is on, the mirrors get steamed up. This helps with mirrors, also.

Volumize Your Eyebrows - **Ladies this could work for you. Take an eyelash brush over a bar of soap. Then use the brush to instantly volumize your eyebrows, really? I'll have to try this one.

Insect Bites - How did I not know this one? That horrible itch after an insect bite. Wet the bar of soap, rub it on the bite, and the itchiness will soon be gone. WOW.

Click here for interesting facts about that bar of soap just sitting in your closet.

Sue Moll
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