I recently sat down and came to the conclusion that Ocean County is missing out on some great restaurants that can be found all throughout the nation. Now this concludes one major thing: I think about food WAY too much. So why have some of these restaurants been avoiding Ocean County or even New Jersey? The world may never know, but in the meantime, I have compiled a list of fast food restaurants that should definitely make their way to our area.

It seems like it was just yesterday when the rumors started swirling that In-N-Out Burger would be coming to Seaside Heights. While that was just a rumor and completely false, the longing for this restaurant is still prevalent in Ocean County. I haven’t been fortunate to try In-N-Out, but out of everyone I have talked to who actually had a chance to eat there, they said that it was mouthwatering and their experience was just amazing.

If you don’t know what Bojangles is, we’re not friends. I recently took a trip to South Carolina and I had the chance to eat at this delicious establishment. I will be the first one to say that despite the amazing food, the prices are very high - at least at the one I went too.

You probably haven’t tried the best hamburger of your life until you’ve had a Whataburger. Based in Texas, Whataburger has only a little under 800 locations - none of which are even close to our area. I had the opportunity to eat here on a childhood vacation to the Texas, and to this day, ten year's later, I still haven't tried a better burger.

If you have ever eaten at any of these restaurants, do you think that they would make a good addition to Ocean County? I’m interested in what places you would like to see pop up in our area!

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