I have lived in New Jersey my whole life. I was born in Morris County at Morristown Memorial Hospital and we lived in the Madison area. I had relatives in Chatham, Union, Florham Park, Summit, and New Providence.

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When I was very young, probably first grade, we made the trek south and we first landed in Toms River..where I spent my first few years at the Jersey Shore. We then headed further south to Southern Ocean County where I have been ever since and have loved it.

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My wife and I have lived at our home for nearly 30 years so when it comes to the Garden State I am fond of where we call home. I love our little town and enjoy it each and every day.

That being said, New Jersey is now without its oddities lol and this list is "10 Weird Facts You Probably Never Knew About New Jersey" so let's get to the "weirdness" and have some fun with this :)


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10 Weird Facts You Probably Never Knew About New Jersey

  • The State Dance is the "Square Dance" ... What?
  • Our State Dinosaur is the "hadrosaurus" who probably lived at the Jersey Shore
  • Cheerleading began in NJ! ca. 1869 in Princeton ... "Give Me An N J..."
  • The Garden State Insect is the Honeybee
  • The Knobbed Welk is the State Seashell
  • The Very First Submarine Ride Took Place in The Passaic River
  • The World's Longest Boardwalk is in New Jersey...in Atlantic City
  • New Jersey Has a Volcano in Beemerville...no worries the volcano is inactive
  • The World's Tallest Water Tower is in Union, New Jersey
  • Lambert Castle in New Jersey is Home to the State's "Spoon Museum" containing over 5,400 spoons

Do You Have Any Interesting New Jersey Facts? Share Them with Us :)


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