Wow, we have some great and exciting festivals and fairs happening in New Jersey for 2022.

Festivals and fairs here in New Jersey are a lot of fun. From street fairs to "giant" music festivals, there's always a feel of New Jersey. When the community comes together for a county fair, everyone is involved.

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I remember going to my first balloon festival here in New Jersey. It was unbelievable, there were so many gorgeous hot air balloons. And, how about the kite festivals on the beach, they are spectacular. There are two festivals that everyone should check out.

creative service, nd3000, Getty Images
creative service, nd3000, Getty Images

Families need a chance to recharge and enjoy each other. One of these fantastic events that happen right here in our backyard, might be perfect for you. Spring is soon, with summer right around the corner, these festivals and fairs are the best of the best and sound like a lot of fun.

When checking out these ten on the list, do you love music, food, crafts, kites, and so much more? There's a lot to choose from.

It truly is time to celebrate life and enjoy a good funnel cake, glass of wine, and some good food. If you're anything like me, there's nothing like a weekend in June here in New Jersey, after a long week of work, just being outside.

If you know of any fabulous festivals and fairs happening in New Jersey this summer, let me know, I'll add it to the list. Find all of the fairs and festivals in new jersey in 2022. Our festivals and fairs are among the best in the country and they're right here in New Jersey.

10 Fun Festivals and Fairs in New Jersey You Can Not Miss in 2022

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