Earlier this month, I told you about a multi-million dollar home in Ocean County with its very own private beach and a yard that can fit two tennis courts. The Long Beach Island home is still on the market for a whopping $7.9 million.

One of the things that I love about Ocean County is that you can look at Zillow and find homes for $85,000 and homes up to $10,000,000. It's gentrification at it's finest. The Jersey Shore is one of the most topsy-turvey places in the country to not only buy a home but to rent too (if you can even find an affordable rental).

The home that I am writing to you about today is not $8,000,000, but it's up there: $2,495,000.

The home is situated in southern Ocean County, away from all of the Jersey Shore's hustle and bustle and close enough to beaches, entertainment, and family activities. On 701 South Main Street in West Creek, the home has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a stunning exterior. The 8,194 square foot property is sitting on over ten acres of land, so yes, you can expand this already humungous home.

One of my favorite parts about the home is that it is situated right next land that cannot be built on, meaning that you are, for the most part, surrounded by trees and open land that is preserved by the state. I love that kind of privacy.

I would go in detail about each room in the home, but the pictures are worth a million words.

Take a tour of the house below:

701 South Main Street

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