According to Zillow, the average home price in Ocean County is $290,311.

Surprisingly, you don't even have to spend that much to own your very own south Jersey island.

The property is called "No Man's Island" (encouraging, isn't it?), and it's in the bay between Cape May Courthouse and North Wildwood, conveniently located right off of Garden State Parkway exit 6.

Real estate website Private Islands Inc. has No Man's Island listed at $200,000.

Private Islands Inc.
Private Islands Inc.

Now, to be fair, you'd be buying a grassy, marshy spit of land, but the listing touts its accessibility and potential:

Now you can own a 19-acre private island located just minutes from this popular and historic Jersey Shore resort town. Set in Grassy Sound just north of West Wildwood, No Man's Island is easily accessible from the mainland by boat, and offers excellent Wildwood views. Though just 3 feet above water and lower in certain areas, the island can be raised with proper permits, allowing for a multitude of development scenarios. The island also features very low taxes, at less than $360 a year.

Not exactly a wise real estate investment for most of us, but hey if you ever wanted to be able to say that you own your very own private island, No Man's Island could be yours for less than the monthly rent of most 1 bedroom apartments in New Jersey!


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