Coming up at the end of this week is one of the most looked forward to days of the year. Thanksgiving? Nope, Black Friday!

Of course, Thanksgiving is an important day to be with your family and friends and give thanks for all that we have.

But some look more forward to the day after, when alarms will be set bright and early and frugal (and brave) shoppers will be seeking out "door busters" and once a year deals.

Personally, you couldn't pay me to try to shop on Black Friday.

No, I'll be happily sleeping in the morning and relaxing in the afternoon. I'm not brave enough to battle the crowds to try to be one of a dozen people who'll get a giant TV for 80% off.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hold anything against those who have fun deal seeking and bragging about their conquests after, more power to you!

But I will certainly be scouring the major shopping websites on Cyber Monday from the comfort of my couch (of course, I would never dream to shop at work, right? Right!)

So what about you? Will you be out and about on Friday deal hunting, or will you be relaxing and letting others battle the crowds? Vote below and let us know!

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