If smaller numbers of masked shoppers are being allowed in supermarkets, hardware and liquor stores, why can’t they also be permitted in other retail locations with similar restrictions, like sporting goods, clothing and craft stores?

If golf courses and parks are open in Delaware and are being allowed to re-open in Pennsylvania by the end of this week, why can’t they also open with social distancing requirements in the Garden State?

“You should assume those are all considerations that we’re looking at and we have been looking at and will continue to look at,” Gov. Phil Murphy said Tuesday.

“We’re making an enormous amount of progress. I don’t think any of those ideas are crazy but I’m not going to sit here today and tell you on date X we’re going to do this.”

Murphy noted the positivity rate of those being tested for COVID-19, hospital admissions, and the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care in New Jersey are all continuing to go down.

Hundreds of New Jersey deaths are still being recorded every day and hospital ICU’s are filled close to capacity in Central Jersey, and they are on the rise in South Jersey.

Murphy said he understands people are restless as the weather improves.

“You’ve got weeks and weeks and weeks up built-up, pent-up frustration and sort of cabin fever," he said. “It is on the list of things that we look at regularly. I don’t golf myself much but I’ve got nothing against golf but we gotta make sure we do this right.”

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