I like my primary healthcare physician.  She's helped me through many an illness and has a wonderful bedside manner. But after my last appointment with her, I decided to seek a second opinion.  And I'm really glad I did.  Turns out I still have a lot of Lyme Disease left in me so now this new doctor, a specialist, has put me on several drugs that I'll have to take for a month.  She's hopeful that I'll start to feel better after this round of treatment is completed.  But Lyme is a tricky disease, I've learned.

It's hard to diagnose, and the standard amount and duration of treatment may work for some patients, but not all.  I'm a classic example of that.  My primary doctor thought she treated me sufficiently.  But apparently her prescription wasn't strong enough and didn't last long enough to knock all the bad stuff out of my body.

At my last appointment with the Primary, she said that the fatigue I felt was normal after getting over Lyme.  And for the shortness of breath, she suggested I get back to exercising.  She recommended conditioning my body which had been quite sedentary during the months I've been dealing with the tick borne illnesses.

My gut feeling was that something else was wrong.  I was concerned that I wasn't back to 100% so that's why I sought out the Lyme specialist.  She has a wealth of experience and confidently recommended a month's worth of pills and dietary supplements that should cure me once and for all.

The point of this blog is just to remind you to listen to your body.  If you have a gut feeling that something's wrong, perhaps you should consider a second opinion too.  Talking to a specialist might help you too.


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