Yes, Ocean County, we've made it to that time of year - pothole season!

Even with only one substantial snow storm so far, between autumn and winter we've had quite a weather roller coaster the last few months.

We've gone through unusually warm periods, days and nights below freezing, and of course plenty of precipitation.

Those ingredients are exactly the recipe for potholes - rain getting into cracks in the roadway, freezing, expanding, and causing those tire destroying craters.

I've started particularly noticing new potholes on my daily commute down the Parkway in the last week or so. And this is on a stretch of the Parkway that's been recently worked on, so I know that they're new.

If that's the situation on our busiest roadway, I can only imagine what some of the secondary and local roads are starting to look like.

And that's where you come in! Comment below and tell us where you're seeing the worst potholes in the area.


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