There are things we need and there are things we want. There are also those things in between that you don't really need, you don't want all that badly, but you still stock up on.

For me, it's sunglasses and watches.

Let's be honest, you really only need one pair of good sunglasses and maybe two watches (one for every day wear, and one for nice occasions). I guess I'm just drawn to accessories.

I know I don't need any more, but when I see a watch or a pair of sunglasses that catches my eye, especially if it's a really good deal, I'll go ahead and grab it.

I just got another pair of sunglasses, I already have two pairs of very good sunglasses, but the price couldn't be beat (shipping only). So why not, right?

So what can you not help yourself with even though you know you don't need any more? Is it purses? Shoes? Maybe even cars? Comment below and let us know!