Was a Howell Township Man Fired Too Quickly?

Let me start this blog by stating that there are still many "grey" areas with this case and that we have not been able to receive comment directly from Wawa. I will say personally I love Wawa Gas/Store combos - it's a great way to get what you need to travel and all at one stop. I have gotten gas at the Howell Wawa ... although "Mike" did not serve me. Allegedly the person who was fired was Mike Cuzzo. Mike was known for his "flare" when it came to waiting on customers..... bow tie, knickers, pink socks, white gloves, silver platter and all. Maybe you've had Mike as your attendant? Some may enjoy the "flare", some may not. It appears Mike got into trouble cleaning a customers windshield and using a "Weepy the Wee Wee". The device is a gag gift that has a guy "weeing" and I'm assuming in this case it was windshield cleaner. One customer was highly offended and allegedly this is what led to Mike's firing. Public outcry has been fast and furious with lots of support for the former "weeping Wawa employee", including a protest on Sunday morning just across from the Route 9 gas station.

I must admit I was once out to dinner (Hibachi) and our server, as a joke, shot us with a "weepy the wee wee".... we laughed, did not demand he be fired and dinner was great!

However where is the line: the line between trying to be the best you can be on a job or becoming a problem? In a day and age of having to be "politically correct" to the highest degree... can you have fun and improvise without someone being offended?

I wonder if this is an isolated case, why couldn't Mike have apologized and kept his job? Would the customer be so mad that they wouldn't accept this apology and let this man keep his job and food on his table and in return "retire" his weepy and maybe opt for a funny hat or slide whistle?

Is this a case of someone trying to make the best of his job and bring a smile to customers faces?  Or is this a case of inappropriate behavior ? You be the judge and sound off below... Shawn & Sue will share you comments on Monday Mornings Show.