Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media

If you listen to the Ocean County Breakfast Show then you know my love for coffee! Some people love wines or maybe great scotch ...... tea perhaps, but for me my "thing" is coffee!

I love "latte" ( caffe latte' as the Italians call it ) which is a fantastic blend of espresso and steamed milk , for those who don't know.

Recently I have begun to enjoy darker blends ..... French, Italian and Vienna Roast. Espresso on its own is also fantastic !

Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media

This being said , Zach ( my Son ) , comes home this week with an espresso/cappuccino maker under his arm ! Then says want me to make you an espresso ! I may not have danced ( maybe I moved a toe alil ) but I grinned from ear to ear :)

Having my Son as my personal "barista" doesnt get any better! He made an excellent cup of espresso and I will look foward to the next time I hear the words "Dad I'm gonna brew" ! Espresso is awesome and yes we even have the cups! What are we barbarians! Lol

So after a long day , I'm relaxing and Zach is brewin and all is right with the world.....If only for a half hour.

Happy Coffee Time !

Here's some great espresso tips!