Early morning workers and travelers at Miami International Airport were treated to an unexpected sight in the skies over the Sunshine State earlier this month.

Before I explain further, I'll let you watch the video:



UFO ! Today at 5 AM Miami Airport, Florida my daughter took it!!

Posted by MarEugenia Pereira Quidiello on Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Ok, so if we take the word "UFO" as it is strictly defined - an Unidentified Flying Object, then yes, you can certainly say that they spotted a UFO.

However, The Miami Herald has a bit more of an Earthly explanation for the stunning blue bubble that crossed the landscape on that morning. Right around 6am, NASA launched a Saturn V rocket from Cape Canaveral. Being the early morning hours, the atmospheric conditions caused the amazing blue trail that you see in the video.

It's a really cool sight, and was probably even a little scary for some who didn't know what was going on. But the actual even was human, not alien.

Here's NASA video of the launch:


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