The articles have been written and the gift card grace period has long passed, but news out today suggests that the much loved toy store chain Toys "R" Us may make a comeback still.

As our WOBM News team reported earlier today, it looks like the funds who own everything from the name to the websites and even everybody's favorite giraffe mascot, weren't satisfied with the bids they'd been getting for the whole kit n' kaboodle.

As an aside real quick, they were going to auction off Geoffrey??

It's an interesting situation. With sprawling stores already welcoming new tenants to former Toys and Babies "R" Us locations (welcome to Hooper Avenue, Spirit Halloween!), obviously the big question is what form would a resuscitated Toys "R" Us take?

What do you think? Would you be happy to see the familiar multicolored logo and lovable anthropomorphized giraffe back in the toy business here in Ocean County, or do you think that e-tailers like Amazon have elbowed out specialty stores like Toys "R" Us?


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