A group of clergy from Ocean County is recruiting volunteers to help pack thousands of meals for global distribution.

Rosetta Key, Townsquare Media NJ

It's the third year the Brick Clergy Association, made up of seven congregations, has partnered with world hunger relief organization Stop Hunger Now. Rabbi Robert Rubin of Temple Beth Or said they raised enough money for 10,000 meals that will be packed at his synagogue on Sunday, March 23.

"It's a combination of rice, dried vegetables, vitamins and a number of things that are put together into a cellophane plastic pack, and Stop Hunger Now takes it back to their warehouse and eventually sends it to wherever it's needed in the world," Rubin said.

According to Rubin, volunteers will be organized into assembly teams to work between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on the 23rd.

"On the spot, we will be divided up into those who will be pouring into the bags, others will be sealing the bags, other people will be laying out the bags and then another group packs them into a box," Rubin said.

Rosetta Key, Townsquare Media NJ

The meals are then destined to go to countries like Haiti, Liberia, Honduras and Tajikistan. According to a press release from Stop Hunger Now, in 2013 they shipped 41 million meals to 31 countries. Rubin said they don't know where the meals they're packing are going.

"What they do is depending on the need that they get," Rubin said. "That's how they determine where the meals are going to go."

The global food distribution also has an educational focus. The meals are shipped to schools, community centers and orphanages overseas, according to Rubin.

"So the idea is it helps encourage, especially in the school setting, it helps encourage the kids in that poor area to come to school," Rubin said.

Volunteers are also encouraged to bring nonperishable food items with them, for distribution to local food pantries. They can also make a donation to sponsor any number of meals at 25 cents each.

The packing event will take place at Temple Beth Or, 200 Van Zile Road, Brick Township (located on the corner of Route 70 and Van Zile Road).

Congregations co-hosting the event are: Brick Presbyterian Church, Laurelton Park Baptist Church, Orthodox Christian Church of the Annunciation, St. Paul's United Methodist Church, St. Raphael's Episcopal Church and St. Thomas Lutheran Church.

For more information about the event, contact Temple Beth Or at 732-458-4700 or visit Stop Hunger Now's website.