Spread the word, we're number one.  Take that New York and all other current and future states of the United States.  We never get the glory, but here's another sign that New Jersey is one of the greatest states...ever.  WalletHub did a study on happiness and we scored very high.  Overall, we are not number one for happiness.  We are number four, which is still very impressive.  While New York is number 17.  Eat that.  Even better, New Jersey scored three big number one's.  Think about what they may be. The answer is after the jump.

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  • Emotional and Physical Well-Being.  We're number one there.
  • Lowest share of adult depression.  We're number one there.
  • Lowest suicide rate.  We're tied for number one there.
  • Lowest divorce rate.  We're number three there.

Let's break this down.  2020 was a difficult year; our health and wealth were attacked by COVID-19.  We faced trials and tribulations.  And we were one of the first and hardest hit by the pandemic.  Despite it all, we pulled together and made it through.

The WalletHub study looked at key factors associated with happiness.  They are economic, emotional, physical, and social health.  The study looked at 32 different metrics, including depression, unemployment, etc.  Overall, we finished number four.  There were 2 areas that kept us from number one, work environment rank (30) and community and environment rank (22).  This means, there's more work to be done.

Overall, I'm proud to see New Jersey do so well during such a difficult period.  Congratulations to YOU for helping make New Jersey NUMBER ONE!

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