Yes, there's even a list of the top 10 costumes for 2013 for our beloved four legged friends!

I love dress-up doggie day.  Where I used to live in Smithville they used to have a dress-up doggie day, and that was always so much fun.  But for Halloween I don't dress up my dogs.  It's just too much for me and them.  I think they'd be scared walking around with a big costume on and kids stepping on their feet.  And they would sneak candy and candy is not good for dogs.  But I'll tell you, the dogs look adorable all dressed up and I'm sure I'll see a lot trick-or-treating tonight., flickr

Here they are the top 10 costumes for dogs according to Halloween Express:

Super Man Pet Costume

Darth Vader Pet Costume

Where's Waldo Pet Costume

Batman Pet Costume

Supergirl Pet Costume

Ghost Busters Pet Costume

Pet Police Pet Costume

Baby Bumble Bee Pet Costume

Glow In the Dark Pet Costume

Dinosaur Pet Costume

Will your pets be dressed up tonight?