So maybe for the New said, "I'm going to lose weight this year".

In a recent survey there a 3 ways to "possibly" lose weight?  What do you think of these?  Here are some ways to get in shape without even thinking about exercising.

1.    Keep Your Hands Cold While You're Exercising.  According to one study, it helps with endurance and makes you more comfortable while you're working out.

2.    Work Out with Someone Who's in Better Shape Than You Are.  In the study there were people biking twice as fast as the people trying to work out and in the study it shows that if someone is more fit than you and can go faster on the gives you more motivation.

3.  Bring Your Dog to Work with You.  Most people aren't ALLOWED to.  But a recent study found that people who do it tend to get more exercise, because they always go on walks during their lunch breaks.  This one is my favorite....I love it!  Not just for exercising purposes but to lift spirits around the office.