Two Howell Township students are removed from school following a threat that arose during a group chat this morning, according to township police.

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Townsquare Digital

A Facebook statement by Police Chief Andrew Kudrick identifies Middle School North, and terms the threat "unsubstantiated."

New details from police indicate that school administrators, early this morning, received a text threatening a shooting. School officials reported it to Chief Kudrick and School Resource Officer Maureen McBride.

The school underwent a 90-minute opening delay while police took up positions inside and outside. Students arriving on buses were taken to a secured interior spot under police supervision while investigators went to work.

Investigators determined that two students involved in a group chat via phones and computers began issuing heated rhetoric, threatening a shooting at Middle School North. They were met at their bus and taken into police custody.

A search of lockers and bags yielded no weapons.

Howell police and the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office continue to investigate the incident. Meanwhile, police remind students of the consequences of words and actions.

"The police department takes matters regarding school violence extremely seriously," Kudrick said in a prepared statement. "The safety of our school community, both teachers and students, is paramount. We will do everything in our power to protect our children and investigate the matter thoroughly."

He went on to thank parents for their cooperation, and noted that officers take part in regularly-scheduled exercises for situations of this type, in collaboration with school officials.

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