Just look into her eyes, Amara will melt your heart!

Popcorn Park Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo

Amara is such a sweet soul......she'll melt your heart the minute you meet her. She's around 8 years old and this incredibly sweet girl was found abandoned in a Newark, NJ park one October day. Thankfully she was found before she died of the pyometra that she was suffering with. Amara underwent surgery to remove an infected uterus and several masses that were never tended to by her former owner. She spent several weeks getting back on her feet and now Amara is ready to find herself a family that will love and spoil her, just like she deserves. She has some arthritis, so she walks around slowly, but she is so content to just plop down next to you and have you pet her all day. She loves people as soon as she meets them and tries to wiggle herself into your lap as soon as you pet her. She is very easy going and gentle, and would do best with a mellow dog that will not cause her any grief. Amara will never, ever let you feel un-loved if you welcome her into your life.

Check out Amara's video:


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