Remember hearing that tag line on the early iPhone commercials?  I'll admit, those spots confused me.  I asked myself, "What's an app?"  "How is this new gadget going to improve peoples' lives?"   Well, here it is 2013 and I can finally say, "I get it!"   After years of flip phones, then Blackberries, I just got my first iPhone and I'm loving it.  The apps which can be downloaded in mere seconds really do help inform and entertain.  For example, after my niece and I saw "Les Miserables" in the theatre, we got curious about some of the cast members.   A quick search on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) told us the names of the actors and what other films they've been in.  Cool!  And when I needed to find the number for Home Depot, my iPhone found it, then called it.  And you know Siri, that helpful personal assistant Apple fits inside the device?  She rocks.  Last night when preparing roasted chicken, I asked her what kind of vegetables to serve.  She connected me with a tasty online recipe.  When Boyfriend Bob and I were painting inside a house we're renovating, the RadioPup app enabled us to listen to WOBM, as well as some other genres of music.  It's instant gratification!  I feel like I'm late to the party here.  Thousands of you have loved your iPhones for years, right?   Well I thought it would be a good time to share some suggestions with each other.   In the comments section, please post what your favorite free "apps" are. Thanks.  And hAPPy Tuesday :-)