This weekend we had several storms.  Big thunder boomers and some heavy rain as well.

If you have a smartphone...these apps will help you to get prepared, remain connected and stay safe during bad weather. You can find them in your  smartphone's app store.

Radio Pup - You can always turn on 92.7 WOBM with the Radio Pup app. We will always be here with you in a storm. Download our app here.

StopDisaster--walks you through preparedness checklists for hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards and other disasters

Dropbox--install the program on your PC or Mac, upload files to your folder, and they are instantly available on all your other computers

MostionX GPS Drive--is the cheapest and most popular way to guide you out of town or an unfamiliar route

Flashlight by Rik or iPhone and Brightest Flashlight--turn your phones into flashlights

Huricane Tracker--is for serious weather junkies and people who want to be better informed

Life360--family GPS tracking system can help you find your loved ones anywhere

5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite--pick up police band radio

USAA--report or view the status of an auto or property claim, submit photos, schedule an appraisal through one of USAA's approved repair shops, or reserve a rental vehicle

GasBuddy--up to the minute gas prices near you

Hands-Only CPR--walks you through the two-step checklist:  call 911, start chest compressions

And of course, 92.7 WOBM on the Radio Pup app! Download our app here.

Living here this close to the water and the beaches, you know storms will come, but we can get through it together.  Are you prepared?