As you look at the price of gas these days are you thinking about your next car ?

As I drove in to work this morning here in Ocean County I noticed the price of gas up to about $3.76 a gallon! Everyones feeling the pinch at the pumps these days, but I started thinking about my next vehicle....Do I need to get a lil sub-compact car next time I'm due ? Maybe even a "Green" vehicle and I'm not talking about color lol

I currently drive a larger car and it can be frustrating putting gas in the tank every other day, so is it time to get something that is more fuel efficient ? Have you had the same thought ? It just seems like it would be tough with the miles I cover to give up the space ( Leg Room ) and the "ride" which I assume is better with a car thats not the size of a go-cart .... Or am I not giving the small car a chance here ?

I think like everyone else we are all doing less miles to save some money , but I still have alot of miles of work to do in my car.

Another thing is Ive always bought American cars, I like the idea that my car came out of Detroit....but thats just me and I'm not familiar with the "tiny" American models....may have to do some homework. Another issue is safety, do you feel safe driving a gas that has only a few inches between you and the tar ? lol


So share your experiences....have you thought of buying a "small" vehicle ? If you did what did you buy and how has the experience been ? Maybe this can help us all ......

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