Let's take a trip through history and talk about a landmark here in Ocean County. It's the oldest "bar" or "tavern" if you will in Ocean County. It's called the Cedar Bridge Tavern in Barnegat Township.

In fact not only is it the oldest "intact bar" bar in Ocean County, it's the oldest "intact bar" in the United States! The Cedar Bridge Tavern was built in 1740. Cedar Bridge Tavern is part of the Ocean County Parks and Recreation Department and is surrounded by Bass River State Forest. On the Parks website it is rumored to have been the location of the last skirmish of the Revolutionary War  on December 27, 1782.

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I stopped by this park site for a first-hand look at this piece of not only Ocean County history, but American history.

Take A Look At The Oldest Bar in Ocean County

Check the hours of operation so you can go into the tavern and see the historic and informational displays. Take a walk through history right here in Ocean County. The site is located in Barnegat Township, out towards Warren Grove. You do have to drive on a dirt road for about a mile, so just keep that in mind and take it slow.

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