Marriages have broken up over things like this. Sure there are the big things - infidelity, lies, secret lives, etc. And then there are the little things - like the dreaded roll of toilet paper.

New relationships are great, you're in that "puppy love" phase where you're excited to be with someone new, you're excited every time you see each other, you come up with goofy pet names that make everyone else sick to their stomachs, and then it happens...

Your new significant other is at your place one time, uses the rest room, and the roll of toilet paper needs to be replaced. Being considerate, they replace the roll. Then, you go to use the rest room later and are faced with a horror scene...

The roll was put on the wrong way.

You pass it off as not a big deal and switch it around. But then it becomes a passive-aggressive battle of wills. The next time your new romantic partner is in the bathroom they notice that the roll has been changed, so they change it back, and the pattern repeats until finally someone brings it up;

"Hey babe, you know the toilet paper is supposed to go over the top, right?"

"What? No, it goes underneath, everyone knows that"

And the Great Toilet Paper Battle begins.

So let's decide once and for all, does the tail of the paper go over the top or come from underneath? Vote in the poll below and let us know if you've ever had a TP battle in your home!