In a recent survey from daily mail, men DO NOT mature until the age of 43 and women mature at the age of 32, WOW--Really??.  

If you'd ask any of my girlfriends and about 8 out 10 women in the study think that men never mature.

This is funny, here are some of the top things that Men do that irritate us Women and helps to show their immaturity...

The number one thing that irritates us is when he laughs at flatulence and burps.

Others include:

Eating fast food at 2 am.

Playing video games.

Laughing at swear words.

Playing practical jokes.

Trying to beat the kids at every game they play.

Staying quiet during arguments.

Letting their Mother do their laundry.

Oh Men, we love you!

Do you agree with this survey?


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