We've probably all noticed that in the past few years, serving sizes of food have gotten smaller and smaller. It's a combination of Americans being more health conscious, and companies being more cost conscious. But even I was surprised at what was waiting for me when I cracked into a single serving bag of cookies a little while ago.

I have no illusions that prepackaged cookies are health food, and it's probably good to have small single servings so you don't go too crazy with snack food impulsiveness, but this seemed a little ridiculous to me.

Take a look:

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

Yup, that was it - 5 cookies.

I get that the whole process is automated and that the bags are filled by weight, but come on! Who's craving is five cookies going to tamp down?

Who knew that the picture on the bag, of four cookies, is actually a pretty accurate representation of what you can expect to find inside?

I don't know what the individual package weight used to be, but fair warning - 1 ounce is going to get you less than half a dozen cookies to snack on.

Have you noticed glaring examples of shrinking serving sizes? Tell us in the comments section!

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