If you have a Facebook account, you've certainly seen pictures that urge you to comment to see something happen, click "Like" and a donation will be made to a cause, etc. There's only one problem - most of these aren't only false at best, but scams at worst.

Every time that you click "Like" on something on Facebook, it's displayed on your page for all of your friends to see. Remember those picture that claimed to be of a Boston bombing suspect and ended up to be completely false? The people who posted those could have actually been collecting your profile and your friends' profiles, and profiting off of them.

Unfortunately, scammers and spammers are using inspirational sayings, tearjerking photos, and false illusions and games to try to pull you in, and some then sell their hundreds of thousands of "fans" to the highest bidder.

Of course, WOBM will never sell your information or spam you with fake content. But you should be careful about what you click and share on Facebook. If it's not coming from a trusted source like a business, confirmed page of a public figure, or an official source, you never know who might be sitting on the other side of the screen and selling your profile to the highest bidder.