Toms River High School North

New date set for Toms River Chabad hearing
A public hearing on a rabbi's controversial proposal to use his Toms River home on Church Road as a Jewish community center and school will be held on December 17 at the Toms River High School North auditorium at 7:30 p.m. to accommodate the large crowd anticipated.
Who Won $10,000 ?
The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation announced the winner of the Halloween Float Contest ..... Toms River High School North Nautical Stars Theatre Company won the Engage Toms River Fire Company No. 1 Halloween Parade Competition with their 3D TRopoly Board...
TRN Probes Drinking Chaperones
Toms River Schools Superintendent David M. Healy has confirmed to Townsquare Media News an investigation is underway into whether chaperones for the Toms River High School North prom Friday night were drinking alcohol.
Help TR North Win A Dream Prom
One of the last things that people thought of when Hurricane Sandy came through and devastated Ocean County was, "how are we going to put on a prom next year?". But after the waters receded, the damage was assessed, and reality sunk in, students at Toms River High School North were…

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