Time Lapse

See What’s Inspiring Me In The Kitchen
I don't know what's come over me lately but I'm spending more time in the kitchen.  (Cue the marching bands!)  I'm cooking more.  And I'm cooking better, healthier foods.
What's inspired me lately are these cool sped up time lapse videos showing the recipe…
Intense Weather In TR
As many of us were getting through our workdays and grabbing lunch, an intense storm blew through Ocean County, bringing heavy rain, thunder, lightning, and even hail to some parts of the shore. I caught a time lapse video of the clouds passing over our Robbins Street office. Take a look:
Watch A Time Lapse Video of Toms River Traffic
As I've been playing with my new iPhone 6 and checking out the different features, one of the cooler built in tricks that I've had fun with is the time lapse video function.
We all know that Water Street in downtown Toms River can get congested during the afternoon rush - wouldn't it be nice to have …