Who Has The Best Donuts at the Jersey Shore?
Friday is National Donut Day! So Shawn & Sue wanna know who has the BEST donuts here at the Jersey Shore?
Check out some great "Donut Deals" to celebrate National Donut Day!

OB-COS: Ob-Co's has teamed up with Burger 25 and created "the Obco" certified angus beef, american chee…
Where is the WORST "eyesore" at the Jersey Shore?
So we know there are many beautiful locations here at the Jersey Shore, some of the most pristine areas you'll find anywhere. However there are also some spots that desperately need a makeover! You know those places that when you drive by you say to yourself "I wish they'd clean t…
5 Facts You Should Know About Your Coffee!
Ok Jersey Shore .... according to a new study, 51% of us will have at least one cup of coffee today.  So how many calories could you save if you started drinking it BLACK? Cream and sugar add about 70 calories per day on average. Che...

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