Hermine's Lesson
Like me, you may be seeing a lot of people joking on social media about Hermine being the storm that wasn't this past weekend.
While it did indeed turn out to be a lot of blowing air, both literally and figuratively, there were some things that made an impression on me this past Labor Day Weeken…
Thunderstorm Watch Issued
Many of us started our day today with a deafening thunderstorm and torrential rain. While the midday hours have been clear of bad weather, we could see a return of this morning's meteorological drama just in time for the afternoon commute.
T-Storms Cause Power Outages
Thousands of New Jerseyans are still without power as the cleanup of widespread damage is underway after a fierce line of thunderstorms moved quickly through South Jersey late Tuesday afternoon.
Getting Ready For Storms at the Jersey Shore
There's the forecast for some severe thunderstorms today and of course we are prone to these kind of storms throughout the Summer. What can we do to prepare for storms.

Lower all umbrellas .. don't want a strong wind ripping or throwing it across the yard
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Floods Snarl Toms River Roads
With Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start to summer this past weekend, we've gotten summer-like weather to go along with it. And this afternoon, heavy storms crippled some roads in Ocean County.
Did You Wake To Thunder This Morning ? [VIDEO]
Yesterday in Southern Ocean County (Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor), I did not see the heavy storms like our friends to the north.
We had sunshine. However this morning I woke to lightening, thunder and heavy rain! Stay tuned for Dan Zarrows' forecast with Shawn & Sue.
Vote – What’s Worse Weather Wise? [Poll]
As we roll into summer here in Ocean County, we've had an amazing stretch of days, with comfortable temperatures, low humidity, and clear skies. But today, we're getting a taste of the other kind of weather that we can expect this time of year - hot, humid and muggy.

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