Seaside on Tap

On Tap in Seaside Is Today!
If you've been waiting to get more info and to get your tickets to America On Tap next week in Seaside Park, it's officially getting time to get them while they last!
Seaside On Tap – Find Your Favorite From Last Night
Last night's Seaside on Tap in Seaside Park was a huge success. With a great showing and perfect weather, hundreds of beer aficionados got to sample brews from some creative and unique craft brewers. Did you taste a beer that you want more information on? We can help you out with that:
Seaside On Tap – Neshaminy Creek Hops By [Video]
With Seaside On Tap now only two days away, we're getting ready by welcoming another craft brewer to the office who will be with us on Thursday. Rob from Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. brought us a trio of their creations to check out. Watch my chat with Rob below:
Fun in Seaside Park This Week
There's always something happening at the Shore.  Seaside Park is delivering big time this week starting tomorrow.  The kids and the parents will be rejoicing!
Seaside On Tap – Toms River’s Rinn Duin Brewing [Video]
With Seaside On Tap still days away, did you know that you don't have to wait to grab some exceptional craft beer right here in Ocean County? We made the short trek down Route 37 to Rinn Duin Brewing to get a tour of their operation and, of course, sample some of their extraordinary creations:
Seaside on Tap Getting Closer
Seaside On Tap is now exactly a week away, and as we get closer, the visits from the participants continues. This time around, we talk brews and pets in need with Weyerbacher, out of Easton, PA, two topics close to my heart. Check it out:
Seaside On Tap – Sampling The Brews of 21st Amendment [Video]
As the lead up to Seaside On Tap continues, another brewery brought their unique and tasty creations to the WOBM home office in Downtown Toms River. 21st Amendment Brewery (get it? The 21st Amendment to the Constitution repealed prohibition) sampled some of the most unique and tastiest brews that I've tried yet. In particular, I really enjoyed their "Hell or High Watermelon" wheat beer,

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