Roller Coasters

The Joker Comes To Jackson
Back in the fall we told you about Six Flags Great Adventure's new roller coaster set to open this upcoming season, "Total Mayhem". The concept and video is thrilling and, frankly, a bit terrifying. Just the kind of thing that adrenaline junkies will flock to Jackson for. Well…
Which Coaster Is Scarier?
The 2016 roller coaster race is on! Today, Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio released a video taking us on a virtual ride of "Valravn", which they are touting as, "the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in the world".
See Six Flags Newest Thrill Ride
If there's one thing that Six Flags Great Adventure knows how to do, it's how to build ridiculous thrill rides. And today, we get a look at their next foray into extreme thrills.
More Thrills Coming On the Way
The Jersey devil has deep roots in our state's history, and inspired the new theme for our upcoming thrill ride," said Park President John Fitzgerald.
I grew up loving Six Flags in Jackson from the very first year its gates opened in 1974 ( I was 9 ) and the rides thrilled us as k…
Would You Ride This DIY Roller Coaster? [Video]
I don't know what it is about backyard do it yourself thrill rides, but it seems to be a trend these days. First, we showed you this backyard looping water slide, then this video of a backyard roller coaster went viral. Now we have this one - another home hobbyist builds a do it yourself r…
She’s the Best Employee Ever Right Here In Ocean County
Yesterday we went to Six Flags Great Adventure.  We were walking out of the park..walking past the big water fountain..and there she was dancing away with a sign in her hand.  I don't know her!  I don't know her name..but I do know she was dancing her little heart out!

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