Road trips

Your Next Food Road Trip - The New Jersey Donut Trail!
There are plenty of ways to go on a culinary road trip through the Garden State on a nice weekend afternoon. There are lots of wine trails and food truck festivals, but here's one that will have you waddling back home with a fully belly at the end of the day - The New Jersey Donut Trail.
Car Care Tips for Road Trip Season
Beautiful spring days like today make me think of one of my favorite things to do this time of year - taking road trips. But of course if you're going to hit the highway, you have to make sure your car is in tip top shape.
It’s Summer Roadtrip Time
I haven't been on vacation since right around this time last year. So it's definitely time for a nice, long weekend. And what better way to take vacation than with a roadtrip?
How Do You Stay Entertained on Long Drives?
Obviously, a lot of people are driving this weekend. Not only "down the shore" for Labor Day weekend, but a lot of us locals are taking road trips to mark the end of Summer too. When it comes to road trips, the driving can become tedious.
Houseguests – Fun or a Hassle? [Poll]
These days we're all trying to save money on trips. I'm heading out on vacation next month; I'll be saving by staying with a friend who has also generously offered to let me use his family's second vehicle as well.